Help Raise the Roof for the Heart of Christ School in Uganda

More than 17 yeas ago, Christ School began in a remote area of western Uganda with 25 students. The school began in the midst of war, unrest, and adversity. It began with a vision for shaping future leaders equipped with a heart for God and His Kingdom.

As we near the 20-year mark, this mission still holds true. By God’s grace, we have persevered when many expected us to fall. Enrollment has grown more than ten-fold. This year, more than 250 students attend Christ School Bundibugyo.

Our vision is that students would be the leaders of tomorrow, educated today with a focus on Christ, sent out to change their community and our world.

At the center of this mission is our chapel service. Daily, our students gather here for times of devotion and worship.

Chapel is the time where the gospel is taught most directly. It is the place where students gather as one and where lives are transformed for eternity. It is truly the heartbeat of our school, the birthplace of servant leaders with a passion for the Lord.

From our times together, our mission goes forth as we practice daily life-on-life discipleship. We seek to live out the truths of what we learn. The chapel is our strong beacon of renewal, for it is where we seek the Lord as a community.

Today, we have outgrown this home of our heart! Our physical space for chapel is bursting at the seams! If we invite our parents or community members to join us, we cannot all attend—or we have to put chairs outside of the building. There’s simply not enough space to hold our heart in this place any more!

So, we’re working on a new building where we will hold chapel. We’re calling it the Main Hall because we dream of it housing many kinds of school activities. We hope it might be a place where our heartbeat extends to encompass bigger dreams and more of life – plays, science fairs, lecturers to grow our student’s worldviews and expand their thinking.

It will serve as the place we meet for chapel—where we are welcomed to glorify the Lord’s name, be sent out to continue to make Him known throughout our days. It will be a place of beauty and glory, a consecrated space unto the Lord and His work in this place. But, we need your help to complete the Main Hall!

The work on this building began about two years ago, and we’re nearing completion. To finish this home of our hearts, we need a roof!

Living along the equator on the edge of a tropical rainforest means we battle the intense sun and the torrential rain. Hosting at least 300 people throughout the week means we need a building able to hold and cover all who enter.

Would you help us to put a roof over the home of our heartbeat? Would you invest in the work of God’s Kingdom coming in Bundibugyo with us? This is not just a building, but also a place where the Kingdom is running forth in this corner of the earth.

>>> This #givingtuesday, join with us to multiply this work and help #raisetheroof for the glory of God. Make your gift here.

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