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Immediate Opportunity


Bundibugyo is well versed in the agriculture industry, particularly when it comes to harvesting the local cash crop of cocoa. The livelihood of the people here depends on how well cocoa has grown in a given season and how many hands are available to help harvest and sell it. For the majority of family households in Bundibugyo, family income typically goes toward meeting basic needs of the family members. Rarely are there funds left over to cover school fees for their children, especially if it means the family is trading a valuable set of working hands for an education.

Our families often struggle to keep their children in school, but our goal is to bestow dignity to the Bundibugyo community through education by raising up student leaders committed to guiding our community to a bright future. As a way to achieve this goal, school fees are kept low to encourage enrollment. But even with lower fees, the average student here at CSB is only able to pay roughly 60% of their total tuition costs. The remaining funds needed to keep the school thriving and growing are covered by partnership through our Leave A Legacy Fund from generous supporters like you— people who believe in the work happening within these walls to build up world-changers for God’s glory.

The 365 Club

Here’s a breakdown of costs to keep Christ School up and running.

Interested in supporting one student for one year for $1 per day ?

Sponsor a Student

The sponsorship of needy students has been a heartbeat of CSB since the school’s founding. The Orphan and Vulnerable Children sponsorship program was created to provide orphans in Bundibugyo an education paired with the gospel, so that they might become young men and women who shape their community and the world. It exists to show them they are beloved, valuable, and worth investing in when their world tells them otherwise. The fatherless should never be denied the empowerment that comes with an education. We partner with sponsors to spend 4-6 years showing them truth and love, and hope that this will impact and affect them for the rest of their lives.

Currently, 46 students at CSB are sponsored through the Orphan and Vulnerable Children sponsorship program. The need is always greater than what we’re able to provide; and the dream is to grow the program until we’re able to extend an education to any orphan that knocks on our doors. To become a sponsor through the CSB Orphan and Vulnerable Children program, click here.

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Invest in Pillar Projects

We recognize that some people like to give financially so that others can go, while other people like to give AND go! Below are some of the current needs for key infrastructure development and rehabilitation on our campus. These projects are opportunities for financial supporters to partner virtually with local workers to get the job done; OR they’re opportunities for short-term teams to come visit and work alongside us for a week. For more information on coming with a short-term team, visit our Short-Term Team Opportunities page.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Uganda as a whole, and Bundibugyo in particular, has a great need of well-trained, skilled, confident men and women in the fields of science and math. At CSB, our A-Level program concentrates on these fields to foster future professionals in healthcare, engineering, and education. We want to provide A-Level graduates with the means to lead their communities and this nation in their respective fields. As we’ve prepared this program and detailed its focus, we’ve seen excitement and dedication from O-Level students to elevate their performance to meet the academic challenges introduced by the A-Level program at CSB. At the same time, we’ve also seen continued financial need among these students to complete tuition payments.

The Advanced Level Scholarship Program is merit-based, and given to ten A-Level students each year who have proven to meet the rigorous behavioral and academic requirements set for them during their time at CSB. They’re well on their way to becoming masters in their chosen fields of math and science. Would you consider helping them get there? Click here!

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Soccer & Sports Partnership

Sports, particularly football (soccer), is crucial to the culture of Christ School. Athletics gives students an outlet to practice and play what they love, while cultivating camaraderie amongst peers in unique ways. Student athletes learn the meaning of teamwork, commitment to excellence, leadership, and confidence that they take with them off the field and into the classroom. Athletics teaches our students that goals are attainable through dedicated hard work and consistent practice.

Our girls football program is the most recent example of this ethic. In the five years since its formation, the girls team has become the sole ranking football team in all of Bundibugyo. They have advanced to both the regional competition and the national competition for the past three years. We’re proud of the hard work these girls put into their sport and the example they continue to set for all of CSB athletics.

It costs $10,000 per year to run our athletics program, which includes all competition fees, equipment, and all travel costs to and from tournaments all across Uganda. We’re always looking for financial partners who truly believe in the transformational aspects of being on a team. Click the button below to support our athletes. We’d even love for your team to visit and play alongside us for a week or two! For more information, visit our Short Term Team Opportunities.

Support our Athletes
You are leaving our website to connect with our US partner who facilitates our short term teams, our giving, interns, etc. Thank you for your partnership!

Provide for specific needs

Short-Term Team Opportunities

Bring a construction team to campus

See our 2018 Short Term Team Flier

Christ School Bundibugyo is hosting a Short Term Construction Team from Serge USA.  Spots are still available!
Dates: June 8-23

JobsInternships / Apprentices

Interested in joining the CSB team? We have several different opportunities to check out!


Come experience 6-8 weeks of life in Bundibugyo while assisting special CSB development projects! Past interns have expanded Christ School communication resources, worked directly with our football programs, discipled our students, helped orchestrate our Field Day fun, and helped with administrative tasks for our Orphan and Vulnerable Children program. All interns must apply through our stateside partnering organization, Serge.


Join our team for 18 months, focusing on service at CSB in one of several core areas. Currently, we’re looking for apprentices who come from science and math backgrounds and are passionate about teacher assistance and development. All apprentices must apply through our stateside partnering organization, Serge.

Long-Term Careers

Do you have a heart for missions and the gifts of servant leadership? Is God calling you to serve him overseas in missions? We’re on the hunt for a school director who’d be willing to join our team!