Christ School Bundibugyo

Christ School Bundibugyo is a secondary, co-educational boarding school for students of Uganda nestled deep in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Our Story

The picturesque region of Bundibugyo is one of the many that make up the beautiful nation, which counts more than half its 45 million citizens as less than 16 years of age. For this reason, education is of the utmost importance and an amazing opportunity of impact- the children of this country will one day grow to lead it. At Christ School, our aim is to provide students with an excellent education through the lens of the Gospel. We strive to foster an environment that creates servant leaders who will leave CSB to change their community and the world.

Few families in the Bundibugyo community can afford a secondary education for their children. This realization was made in the late 90s by those serving in the area with World Harvest Mission – Uganda, a project of Serge. They began a partnership with local Ugandan leaders to cast vision of a private, Christian school that would create an excellent and financially accessible education for students of all backgrounds. The doors of CSB first opened in 1999 with a total of 25 students. Since that first class, the school has steadily grown to its current enrollment of about 300 students.

Today, Christ School Bundibugyo not only boasts an exemplary local leadership, but also employs and invests in local staff and teachers who pour that same investment into each of their students. As a result, CSB graduates proudly embody a core attitude of service and have stayed close to their home communities to serve them. As the school continues to produce graduates, and in turn community leaders, we pray that the seeds planted during their time at CSB will bear long-lasting fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Our Board of Governors

The CSB Board of Governors is made up of 12 voting members who offer uniquely critical and influential voices and life experiences. Christ School founding members, current World Harvest missionaries, local pastoral leadership, Christ School alumni, and local government officials are all represented to ensure the holistic perspective valued by the school is achieved and maintained.

The CSB Board of Governors meets three times each year, once per school term, to oversee and guide the school, ensuring we remain focused on our vision and mission.

Katherine Robinson

OVC Coordinator

John Balitebiya

Founding Body Rep

Bwampu Ernest

Alumni Rep

Friday Bisoro

Govt Rep

Akorabirungi Salezious

Parent Rep

Charles Musinguzi

Founding Body Rep

Michael Musinguzi

Staff Rep

Mellen Musoki

Founding Body Rep

Our Faculty & Staff

Meet the Christ School team! Our teachers, staff, and administrative leaders are qualified professionals who come from all over Uganda and the world. As a result, students at CSB are exposed to many cultures and unique pictures of the one true Gospel. Every day, they see their teachers working and leading side-by-side as brothers and sisters from different tribes. Teachers live on campus with the students, cultivating a familial atmosphere that many would not know otherwise. Roughly 1/3 of our teaching staff are CSB alumni themselves, which offers a unique encouragement and hope to our students as they each strive to accomplish long-term academic dreams.

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Asaba Juliet

Administration, Faculty

Bahemuka Edward


Bwambale Peter

Administration, Faculty

Katusiime Teopista


Kiiza B Vincent


Musinguzi Michael

Faculty, Sports

Namutosi Suzan


Tumusabe Benard


Current Students

Secondary education in Uganda consists of two phases: Ordinary Level (O-Level) and Advanced Level (A-Level), which typically spans a total of six years. Students spend four years completing the O-Level, and then can choose whether they wish to complete the two years of intentional preparation for University through our A-Level program.

If students opt out of completing A-Level, they may choose to attend vocational/technical school OR complete a certificate program. University can still be a next step for these students, but this route is most often picked to obtain credentials needed to enter the working world instead.

Because it’s most easily equated to a two-year junior college in the States, success at Advanced Level is typically followed by enrollment at University. The A-Level program at CSB is focused on math and science to encourage the pursuit of professions in the medical and engineering fields, with the end goal of raising up qualified math and science professionals to offset the regional deficit of these specializations. We strive to equip community-changers for Bundibugyo and beyond.